Best Kicktail Longboards for A Perfect Boardwalk Cruising

Aug 31, 2021 | Longboard Reviews

Best Kicktail Longboards

If you thought longboarding is a 21st century-popular sport, think again. This easy, breezy (and sometimes tricky) sport has been a fan favorite since the 1950s and never failed once to take on the rolling waves! But as this is being built for so long, you would expect plenty of it in the market already. Which one should you pick? For the record, a kicktail cruiser is the master-blaster in reducing wheel bites and for maximum stability.

So if you want your take on this stylish sport and at the same time want improved health, better stability, an easy ride to tricks, and a great way to spend your time, check out the best kicktail longboards that you’ll find; right here!


Product Reviews on the Best Kicktail Longboards

In your hunt for the right kicktail skateboard, here are 3 of the top picks that stand the test of time and customer reviews as the suitable options. Let’s check them out!

Best for Taller/Heavier Users: Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser

Are you more than 6 feet in height? For larger gentlemen that want to experience the fun and youthful sport of longboarding, the first one on this list is a perfect match!

If you were previously worried about wobbly trucks and the frame of the deck not being able to take your weight (and eventually splintering in halves!), this one will make sure that you can ride on and on!

Whether you want to chase your friends down the road, take down the hills, or cruise around the Broadwalk, here’s your deal!

Key features:

  • Construction: This is a 44-inch longboard made of 7-ply Hardwood Maple and bamboo. The dual inclusion makes sure that you have a sturdy and solid construction that can move its way on the Boardwalks!
  • Speed: You get genuine ABEC 7-rated speed bearings on this deck that can pick up speeds down the hill even when you are on the heavier side. Along with 7-inch aluminum trucks featuring high-quality hardware, you get a guaranteed smooth ride.
  • Turnability: Since the decks are higher off the ground level than drop-through boards, it makes taking sharp turns easier, no matter how deep the turn is!
  • Precise turning response and better ground clearance.
  • Can hold a lot of weight without sagging in the middle.
  • Grip tape covers the decks for zero splinterings upon use.
  • The bearings are lubed to provide good protection when riding.
  • Excellent kick nose and tail for the trickster riders.
  • Advanced riders may want to upgrade the bearings.
  • Beginners may find the top mount setup a little hard.

Best Overall: White Wave Bamboo Longboard

What makes this White Wave longboard better than the Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser, and worth thousands of satisfied customer reviews?

This deck has a near 41-inch length, the only feature where it falls short compared to the Quest longboard. In every other aspect, you might try your best, but you’ll hardly find a longboard that can give it all!

Featuring a similar construction of bamboo and Canadian Maplewood and 7-inch aluminum trucks, let’s see what makes this board so special.

Key features:

  • Construction: On the deck, you have both functionalities and look without crazy murals if you didn’t want any. And more than that, Urethane wheels on the decks feature a ribbed core that creates an overall smooth ride. And as for the speed, the ABEC 9-rated bearings with built-in spacers let you go (almost) all out for a complete skateboard!
  • Responsiveness: You get the polished finish on the 7-inch aluminum trucks and ultrahigh-rebound bushings on the deck. As a result, whenever you need to take sharp turns on your commute, Grade 8 (metal) kingpin and hangers make sure that it isn’t wobbly!
  • Rideability: You can use this board for cruising, carving, and going downhill, all 3-in-1, as long you invest in proper maintenance. But you’ll get full support from the components nonetheless.
  • Comes with durable and stylish heat-transferred graphics.
  • Multiple options for different users and riding styles.
  • Sprayed on grip tape is clear to accentuate the bamboo textures.
  • Can bear large weights (>300 lbs) without snapping.
  • No resistance from the bearings when you push off rough terrains.
  • The standing platform could be made more comfortable.
  • Does not have any graphics which some may not like.

Best Value: Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard

A list of kicktail longboards without the inclusion of one from Magneto is just not it. And so, the last but not least worthy of your attention is this longboard from Magneto!

It has a similar 44-inch deck size to the Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser, and its construction is quite similar to the two boards as well. Featuring the likes of multi-ply Maple and bamboo, this deck is made particularly for beginners.

However, both men and women, kids and adults, can all use this longboard, as long as they are happy with the specs!

Key features:

  • Construction: You will find bamboo veneers covering the board on the top and bottom, with a central maple core. This ensures that the board is overall stiff and sturdy. It also has strong trucks made of gravity cast aluminum and SHR bushings for an excellent cruising experience.
  • Smoothness: This board has 78A soft and high-quality urethane wheels. For you, this means you get extra grips and smoother rides on rough terrain. So for the days when you want to go downhill or cruise unforgiving roads, this board is quite an achiever.
  • Versatility: You can use this longboard to skate around the town or to cruise. If you want, you can practice all your riding styles here, as the board is super-supportive to tricks!
  • A stable construction that is easier to ride for beginners.
  • Designed by skaters with maximum adherence to riding styles.
  • Sand grit finishes for no need of replacing grip tapes.
  • Boards are flexible and easy to ride with great stability.
  • An affordable and good quality option that comes assembled.
  • The trucks need a little tightening for better riding.
  • Not suitable for advanced riders.


Final Words:

And that brings you to the end of the hunt for the best kicktail longboards! With options from the list that fit beginners to advanced longboard lovers and riders and boards that suit the style of cruising to doing tricks, the top choice has been the  White Wave Bamboo Longboard.

For anyone above 6 feet with a weight of more than 300 pounds, if you want a solid construction on the decks, fast speed, smooth ride, and zero resistance stopping you from swooshing downhill, there’s nothing as good! So, what are you waiting for?


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