Best Longboard Brands in 2022 (Honest Buying Guide)

Jun 5, 2021 | Blog, Longboard Reviews

best longboard brands

Longboarding has many more benefits along with cruising and transportation. So, if you want to enjoy all these advantages, then you have to buy a longboard of an exclusive brand.

A brand that produces longboards of the durable deck, compact wheels, and smooth bearings, is best for fast longboarding. It would provide you with comfort while sliding on bumpy roads. Several brands have quality longboards which are not only good for cruising but also protect the riders from injuries while passing from uneven roads. Below, I have mentioned and reviewed some of the best longboard brands for your ease.

Things To Consider When Choosing Longboard

Before you purchase the best longboard brands, there are some things that you need to consider. These include:


By this, we actually mean your ability, not the boards! Your level is defined by your ability to ride. If you are a starter and have never practiced or done longboarding before, you will need a beginner-level board.

 Once you get the hang of it, you can turn to intermediate or pro boards for experienced riders. Of course, it is possible to buy longboards that support all levels and don’t need to be repurchased as you grow.


Like the types of a longboard, the style of using them and hence your riding styles vary from person to person. You could be someone who prefers high-speed downhill racing with the board, or someone who enjoys doing freestyle tricks.  In each case, going for freestyle decks that are built for the purpose will be the best deed.

Board Shape

You will find two major kinds of longboard shapes and you can pick either of the two when making your purchase. It could be an asymmetrical shape, which is best for tricks, dancing, and riding. Or, you could go for the directional shape if you like an off-road longboard and are more of a control freak and love downhill racing.


Two things work here that you need to keep in mind: balance and grip. Now, there are decks that support freestyle riding, feature snowboard style carving, and downhill riding. There are also types such as a concave deck or a fishtail one.

But remember this for all longboard decks: the higher your deck is situated from the ground, the crazier the stability will be. For beginners, we do not suggest you go for higher decks as this may cause you injury.

Now, if you buy a Drop Through truck mounting deck with lowered boards, you will find more stability and less breaking, perfect for long riding. Again, when you buy Top Mount decks, you pay less and compromise in the stability, though you can use it for cruising.

Double Drops are so close to the ground that you will feel them almost in contact. However, these are the best downhill longboards. Lastly, you get Drop Down Deck that is the best for freeriding as you can push them easily with your feet and break on easily with them too.

So if you think you love going on unknown roads to explore and move about, the Drop Decks will be perfect to beat sharp turns and unknown bends and have a lively ride; even in known streets!

Board Length

Here, you have to go through a tradeoff. Going for a wide deck on cruiser boards will mean you have more stability and going for a shortboard will mean you can make quick turns.

You can have your pick depending on your weakness and strength in riding and enjoy a super smooth ride.


There are 3 flex categories for you to pick from in case of a complete longboard. Firstly, soft flex gives you high-performing shock absorption.

Then you have medium flex which is best for carving and tricks. And lastly, you have stiff flex which is the best kind if you love bombing hills and downhill longboarding. But if you think of going on rocky terrains, you’ll want to turn your back on the latter!

Our Top 5 individual pick from Best Longboards Brands

These are some of the greatest longboards among the brands we reviewed in this article, which you can choose without hesitation!

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama ComplateLoaded Boards Dervish Sama Complate
  • Length: 42.8 inch
  • Material: Wood
  • Wheelbase: 31.5”
Check Price
Globe BlazerGlobe Blazer
  • Length: 26 inch
  • Material: Canadian Maple core ply's
  • wheels: Globe 83A
Check Price
Volador Longboard - Basic CruiserVolador Longboard - Basic Cruiser
  • Length: 40 inch
  • Material: Rock Maple deck + Soft PU wheels + Aluminum trucks + ABEC 9 bearings
  • Durometer Hardness: 80A
Check Price
Landyachtz Drop Cat CompleteLandyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard
  • Length: 84 Centimeters
  • Material: Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
Check Price
<br />
Quest Rorshack Complete Longboard SkateboardQuest Rorshack Complete
  • Length: 34 inch
  • Deck Material: Wood
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
Check Price

10 Best Longboards Brands Review

1. Globe

Are you looking for a board that is easy to ride, easier to pay for, and at the same time will last you many practice sessions?

Then on the list of the best longboard brands, globe boards are just for you! This brand may not have a huge fan following from the very beginning but with their quality and performance, the manufacturers have continued to lure in more and more skateboarders and longboarders who rave about it.

Now, there are beginners who want to learn the basics with their solid and stable longboard. They may also want to do some cruising and commuting or even racing. Globe boards are an excellent choice for that. In fact, it is built to be more of a practice board than a trick board.

One of the key things you get from these boards is their coconut, maple, or bamboo board. All of these come in varieties such as commuting board, racing, or a performance board. Moreover, the wheel, bearing, trucks, and bushing have a commendable quality as well!

So if you want to try their best-selling boards, you can pick from the G1 Stack or Goodstock Complete models.

Some important features of this brand are:

  •  Reputable brand
  • A fair price that is affordable and within budget.
  • Tough and strong concave boards.
  • High-quality standards in all components.

2. Quest

Known for their reasonability and excellent cruising services, Quest makes some of the best longboards for beginners looking for some great colors, excellent styles, and flair in longboards.

As they are the pioneers of surfing, skating, and snowboarding, you’ll find some great combinations of art, technology, and quality components from their longboards. Do you want these too? Let’s check out what else Quest has to offer.

Whether you want to get to class, ride your way through the city or do some Broadwalk tricks, the support of the decks is excellent for smooth or rocky rides. You will find either beautiful artisan bamboo decks or maple decks, and rugged bearings and trucks made of high-quality materials including sturdy and lightweight aluminum. The boards are quite heavy themselves, so the brushing on the trucks needs some tightening and the bearings need some speed cream before comfortably grip and slide with your aesthetic deck with one of the best longboard brands!

If you want to get some Quest boards, the Super Cruiser Original, The Rorshack Complete, and the Purple Artisan are your best bets.

Some noteworthy features of this brand that we liked are:

  • Affordability and easy usage. 
  • Excellent design and graphics.
  • Stability of board and bearings.
  •  A lot of color options.

3. Volador

For those who love the idea of more affordable boards, how would you feel if this huge benefit was combined with high performance in a longboard? We bet you’ll go crazy like the thousands of other supporters, admirers, and users of Volador boards!

The first thing you will like about it is how easily the turn radius works in your favor. You can take sharp bends without the need of stopping and adjusting your board. So quick turns in the skate parks are fluid and easy. Durability is also one of its greatest strengths. The board comes with an excellent grip tape, so high is the grip that you can expect to have abraded shoes!

Whether it is gravel, rocks, or cracks that you are riding on, the lightweight board with its sturdy structure and large wheels makes sure that you have good speed throughout your commute to work or the skating park.

The Volador Freeride, Volador Maple, and the Volador Dancing longboards are the best longboard brands as three of their entire collections are loved and trusted by many!

Some highlighted features of this brand that you’ll love are:

  • Match your style and aesthetics to the boards.
  • Extremely sturdy decks.
  • High-quality hardware in the decks, trucks, and bearings.
  • Environment-friendly sourcing of wood makes them a brand with a low carbon footprint.

4. Arbor Axis Longboards

Liked the idea of environment-friendly boards?

Then you will love the snowboard inspired by the construction of Arbor too! Since they make their longboards with vertically laminated bamboo and multi-ply hardwood maple, they promote afforestation for a better world, so that you can ride feeling proud and happy!

Other than the use of traditional materials in their deck, they also use conventional yet high-quality aluminum and metal components in the rest of the boards. If a lot of colors are not your thing, then you can use the minimalist beauty of these decks. And the best bit? You get the stability that beginner skateboarders love and the trick-supporting flexes that intermediate or enthusiastic longboarders crave, in this board. And the wheelbase is stable too!

So when you have this stability and plenty of foot room on your board, you can easily push it down and enjoy a smoother ride around the city. And if you like downhill riding, there’s no match for Arbor’s delivery in this. Some of the popular boards you can get from them includes Arbor Axis 40 Photo, Zeppelin Bamboo, and the Sizzler Artist Draplin 2019.

A few remarkable features of this brand include:

  • Sustainability of the products.
  • Best downhill longboard for beginner skaters.
  • Very easy to push and coast with.

5. Landyachtz

Are you sick of finding a classical brand for an exclusive longboard? Then, calm down! This brand of Landyachtz will help you to procure affordable boards with its quality features. Since 2007, this brand is valuable for introducing robust longboards.

Why I have mentioned this brand as the best? The reason is its rugged construction to comply with strokes on bumpy roads. This brand is popular for its quality manufacturing of longboards.

After snapping out longboards from this brand, you can easily find out the difference between the performance and construction of this brand in contrast with others.

Along with the powerful manufacturing of the deck, the wheels are also durable to bear the strain while rolling on uneven surfaces.

Rally Cat, Obsidian, Drop Cat longboard are some popular products of this exclusive brand. Over time, this brand has launched a different name in manufacturing durable decks and wheels apart from the longboards brand.

Let’s dive into some of its exclusive features.

  • Maple construction
  • Durable wheels and bearings
  • Comfortable manoeuvre

6. Sector 9

Let’s start with another brand that is Sector 9 with its quality performance and exotic design. There are numerous reasons to select this brand as the best but the basic reason is its durability.

Starting from the deck to the wheels, this brand is dominating for the sturdiness and long age of the longboards. Not only longboards but also, the Sector9 is a well-known brand for manufacturing quality gloves and helmets which are useful while riding. There is no doubt about the quality and performance of Sector 9. That’s why this brand eases the worry of all the riders from beginners to pro riders with its different types of longboards. Including cruising, carving boards to skateboards, it has an elucidating rating in the industry. Catapult longboards, Abyss Bintang, Mosaic Dropper, and many more longboards are the productions of Sector 9.

Some significant attributes of this brand are filtered out below.

  • Perfect pintail shape for cutting pressure of air
  • Indestructible construction of the deck
  • Durable wheels, bearings, and trucks
  • Variety of longboard types

7. Loaded Longboard

Are You fond of both freestyle and dancing?

Then on the list of the best longboards brands. loaded boards are just for you! this brand has had a huge fan following since the very beginning and the manufacturers have continued to lure in more and more skateboarders and longboarders who rave about it.

This brand is best for dancers with lengthy longboard decks of 39 to 49 inches and durable construction of multi-material to extend its age. The reason for the selection of this brand as the best one is its comfortable control.

If you want to show impactful skills while dancing, then you must attain amazing longboards from this brand. Its wheels are capable of absorbing damping vibrations while jumping or moving on the stage. It manufactures versatile longboards with elegant designs to attract its customers.

Also, different types of longboards are perfect to enjoy précised rides on all the surfaces. For sliding on the steep slopes, the products of this brand are explosive with less gravity and smooth rolling of the wheels.

Some of its examples are Chubby Unicorn, Cantellated Tesseract, Bhangra, BasaltTesseract longboard, etc. These longboards are useful for cruising, freestyling, freerides, and also for skating.

Their bestselling boards include the Loaded Vanguard and one of the best brands for beginners, the Loaded Tan Tien as well as the Loaded Dervish

Prime features of this brand are outlined below.

  • Lightweight Yet Durable Bambo Construction
  • Versatile production of longboards
  • The compact construction of wheels
  • Easy to control
  • Best for enhancing dancing skills
  • Easy to slide on steep surfaces

8. Rayne Longboards

The durability of the longboard is the first measure to check before picking up any piece of the brand. For this purpose, you can easily trust the Rayen brand for the classical construction of the deck.

Bamboo layers and fiberglass are the basic elements to knit the flexible surface of the longboard. The deck is easy to bear the weight of the rider while cruising, dancing, or free rides. Also, the products of this brand have pointed shapes for convenient rolling.

The deck is stable enough to balance the position of the rider while cruising. The rider will feel comfortable while moving on this longboard. It produces versatile products with different flex including elasta, speed, and firm flex.

 So, there would be many options for you to pick the longboard with suitable flex. With the help of its two types of longboard trucks, you can easily handle the longboard while moving downhill. On the flip side, the top mounting is useful for the perfect wheelbase of your favorite longboard.

NEW Skyline and Libido are the exceptional picks of this brand. Let’s have a look at its significant features.

  • Attractive designs
  • 3D style of wheels
  • The robust construction of the deck
  • Good for cruising and free rides

9. Earthwing

Who are the Earthwing boards for? Anyone and everyone looking for a good commuting and cruising option with their longboard. On the list of the best longboard brands, it is a brand that is rising to popularity for its ability to charm and its delivery in the streets. When you take a look at them with all their specs, you’ll know exactly why they can give the best longboard brands a run for their money!

First off, their construction of decks with hard rock maple helps to create a versatile deck that is good for cruising and riding. When it comes to the wheels, you get some large ones with a good amount of clearance to handle terrains of any kind: rocky or smooth!

What’s more, you not only get options on colors but also on the wheelbase so that you can optimize your usage of the trucks, whether traditional or reverse kingpin trucks style.

The best ones from them are the Belly Racer, Mini Glider, and Team 33 that are so good, you’ll thrive in your practices!

Some notable features of this brand are as follows:

  • Supports cruising to light bombing.
  • Lightweight construction, not heavy and cumbersome at all.
  • New-old graphic options.
  • Durable longboards.

10. Atom longboards

Then in the list of the best brands for longboards we have the Atom longboard. Do you want to enjoy smooth rides on the even and uneven roads on a maintained budget? If yes, then why don’t you pick this longboard?

This brand is providing exclusive longboards of different types at an affordable price. On the flip side, the construction of these brands is not easy to crack.

This great longboard can lift the bulky weight of the rider without damaging the surface of the deck.

The wheels of the longboards are constructed with robustness to absorb the shocks while jumping from one place to another. There is variety in the length and performance of these longboards with a lot of benefits.

Atom Drop Deck, Atom Pintail, Atom Electric B10, and Atom 21 are some best selections of this brand.

Some interesting features of the products of this brand are mentioned below.

  •  Robust bamboo and maple layered deck
  •  Shock-absorbing wheels
  • Affordable picks
  • Best for the beginners

What’s the Best Longboard Brand for Beginners?

The best longboard for beginners will be the one that ties in the two most important things: affordability and technical specs that will sustain months of rides.

Let’s get this straight: you don’t want to spend heaps of money on a board that can’t support you for long (unless you’re planning to show off!).

So the first perfect longboard should be decent enough to hold you up as you practice and keep moving. For this, we recommend top longboard brands such as Arbor, Loaded, Playshion, Quest, Volador, etc.

4 Common and Popular kinds of Longboards

There are different kinds of beginner longboards available in the market. But here are the common 4 kinds that you will find in the market:


Whether it is visiting the school on weekdays or going to your favorite hangout spot on weekends, here is a longboard that supports daily activities. These awesome boards will help you ride all the time around the city with great ease and comfort.

This is why the first thing that you will find notable in these is the flex. The pintail shape is perfect for beginners who love cruising.

Freestyle Longboard

If you have moved past the beginner stage and you would like something that supports dancing and similar movements then you will love the freestyle longboards.

But don’t think beginners can’t use it! The technical-style riding may look a little hard but is not unachievable by you or your friends who just started.


Since dancing requires a lot of movement, you need a stable board that can go with it. Hence this longboard is the most suitable. It has a super low deck, close to the ground so that you can ride confidently.


Thinking of going downhill? You need a longboard that can support speed and generate control so that you don’t fall flat on your face! Downhill boards with their soft wheels and softer wheelbase will have your back!

Importance Of Protective Gear

If you want to stay safe and enjoy longboarding seamlessly then we highly recommended you to wear Protective Gear, especially if you are a beginner. It’s not impossible to get hurt while longboarding sometimes pro longboarders even got injured. Whether you’re driving around the city or bombing the hills, be sure you’re properly attired.

Do you want to learn more about Where to Begin? What should I wear and how should I begin? Take a look at the rest of our articles!


Which longboard brands should I avoid?

Kryptonics, Moose, Krown longboards are some brands which you should avoid. The reason is their inferior articulation and unappealing designs.

What are good longboard wheel brands?

Shark Wheel Sidewinder, Seismic Speed Vent, OrangatangKegel, Orangatang in heat is some good brands of wheels for longboards.

What are cheaper longboard brands?

Ten Toes Board, Rimable pintail, Quest Rorshack Bamboo are some brands that offer inexpensive longboards.

Here is the List of 10 Best Longboard Brands

  1. Globe
  2. quest
  3. Volador
  4. Arbor Axis
  5. Landyachtz
  6. Sector9
  7. Loaded
  8. Rayne
  9. Earthwing
  10. Atom

Final word

After going through this brief article about the best longboard brands, now you can easily select your favorite longboard. I have provided you with all the knowledge about the above-mentioned brands. You may find that one brand fits you better than another depending on your riding style, talent level, and price.

Every brand on this list has the potential to be a fantastic purchase. However, if you’re looking for a board that’s both inexpensive and high-performing, then My suggestions are Volador or Loaded Boards.

So, if you have found this article best in your readings while looking for the best brand for longboards, then just let me know about kind remarks. Thank you!


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