Best Longboards for Beginners – Buying Guide

Jun 16, 2021 | Longboard Reviews

No doubt, travelling is always fun for many of us. It becomes more convenient to travel when you move on longboards. Today, I will talk about the longboards for beginners to provide them with ease while moving out.

Longboards will be the exclusive pick for beginners with so many benefits. Beginners can easily slide over bumpy and smooth surfaces due to the broad size and sturdy construction of longboards. Also, the wheels are large and soft to resist shocks while using tricks on the hurdles. As a result, purchasing a first longboard is a safe and excellent choice.

Below, I have mentioned the 10 best longboards for beginners, their durable articulation, and other remarkable features. Let’s move to them.

Retrospec Zed Longboard Pintail Bamboo – Our Top Pick

Best Longboards for Beginners
  • In a hurry? The winner product after 18 hours of research is the Retrospec Zed Longboard. In one word this is an excellent beginner board. The reason behind the selection of this product as the best is its exceptional attributes. Let’s have a look at them.
  1. Flexible construction
  2. Large soft wheels for smooth sliding
  3. Easy maneuver for beginners
  4. Customized trucks
  5. Budget-friendly

Longboard Buying Guide for beginners

longboard for beginners buying guide

When you see people gliding, you also get excited to buy a longboard for you to enjoy smooth rides. But listen! Before procuring the first longboard for your comfort, you need to know the significant things about the longboards for beginners.

Let’s start to get familiar with these attributes.

Construction & Length of Deck

If you want a long use of the longboards then the articulation of the deck matters a lot. The decks of the longboards have a sturdy layering of 8-ply maple for ensuring durability. Sometimes, premium bamboo fibres help the deck to endure the weight of the riders.

The length of the deck is also important. But you are not familiar with the exact length then a longboard of 32 to 42 inches is easy to ride. Beginners can easily slide on smooth and bumpy roads with great stability by using this length.

Compact Wheels

Moreover, the wheels of the longboards should be sturdy. Their construction varies from soft construction to hard. The construction and shape of the wheels play a vital role in optimizing the speed and providing accurate grip on the road.

Types of wheels are:

  1. Round Lip Wheels

These wheels have round edges to comply with accurate riding skills on all types of surfaces. These are easy to turn but only can handle free riders or pro users can handle the longboards which have these round lip wheels.

2. Square Wheels

These wheels have square edges with an angle of 90-degrees. It would be the best pick while cruising or travelling downhill. Square wheels have perfect contact with the ground and can slide over the surface smoothly. It would be good for beginners.

Sturdy Trucks

Trucks are valuable for providing accuracy to the rider while turning. The parts of the trucks are hangers, kingpins, bushings help the trucks to move easily. The speed of the trucks is customized with the assistance of a kingpin.

If the trucks are loose then it would be easy for the user to turn the longboard. While the tightness of the trucks is good for attaining high speed. The hanger is useful for placing the wheels in the right position at the pivot point.

Perfect Bearings

Bearings are of ceramics to resist the attack of the rust for impactful performance. These are useful in enhancing the spin of the longboard with accurate motion. The accurate size of the bearings for longboards is 8mm.

The quality of the bearings is rated as ABEC 1, 2, 3, and so on. If the rating of ABEC is high then ultimately the spin of the wheels will be high. Bearings help to maintain balance while riding with accurate speed. And also provide a smooth and pleasant ride for skaters.

Best Longboards For Beginners Comparison (Top 5)

Retrospec Zed LongboardRetrospec Zed Longboard
  • Length: 44 inches
  • Material: Bamboo & Canadian maple Deck-ABEC-7 bearings
  • wheels: 70x51mm 85A PU
Check Price
Volador Freeride LongboardVolador Freeride Longboard
  • Length: 42 Inch
  • Material: Rock Maple deck + Soft PU wheels + Aluminum trucks + ABEC 9 bearings
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
Check Price
Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard
  • Length: 44 inch
  • Material: Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
Check Price
Quest QT-NSC44C The Super CruiserQuest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser

  • Length: 44 Inch
  • Material: Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
Check Price
<br />
Junli Freeride Complete SkateboardJunli Freeride Complete Skateboard

  • Length: 41 Inch
  • Material: Aluminum, Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 80A
Check Price

10 Best Longboard For Beginners Review

As beginner longboarders, Things can become quite challenging. While selecting the perfect longboard from a wide range of marketplaces and brands. This is where we can help you relax.

After receiving numerous positive reports from specialists as well as our own personal experience, we can only recommend ten beginner longboards from which to choose. If you don’t have much patience to read, pick one from position one or two. Let’s move to them.

1. Retrospec Zed Longboard Pintail Bamboo Long Board Skateboard


  • The durable construction of maple and bamboo to bear weight while cruising
  • Anti-bite wheel technology for a comfortable ride on all surfaces
  • Fast speed with an exceptional design to cut the pressure of the air
  • Shock-absorbent wheels of 70mm broad size


  • Bearings are 4 inches off the ground which are restriction while riding
  • You have to adjust the trucks before the ride

If you are in a phase of learning riding, then this Retrospec Zed longboard will be an ample choice for you. It has a lot of features to help out the beginners while cruising and travelling. Also, its deck and wheels have an indestructible construction and compact design.

Premium Structuring

This wonderful beginner longboard has a durable construction of 8-ply of Canadian maple and compact bamboo. It can bear 220lbs weight on its hard deck without getting cracks. Also, it has a size of 44inches to comply with effortless movement on the roads.

This premium construction is also beneficial for comfortable cruising. The wheels have polyurethane construction to resist shocks on bumpy surfaces. Its compact design catches its customers at a reasonable price.

Stable Speed

Moreover, the speed of this longboard is stable and customized. It is easy to operate with its sturdy bearings which help optimize the speed of the board while moving. Its ABEC-7 ball bearings are capable to resist any changes in the weather and cope with friction.

Exceptional Technology

The wheels of the longboards may get cracks while cruising and transporting the things. But, when it comes to the Retrospec longboards, there is something exceptional in these boards. Its anti-bite wheel technology will make the rider comfortable and protect the wheels from damage.

2. Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser


  • A classic choice to ride on the steep slopes for cruising
  • An impactful appearance to attract the customers
  • Accurate wheels, bearings and trucks to attain the maximum speed
  • Easy to control for the beginners with immense features


  • The average base plate of 40 degrees lag the performance

It is the age of competition and there are a lot of brands trending with their classic longboards. Now it’s time to stop the search because this Voldar Freeride longboard is dominating the market with its accurate speed and compact structure. No one can really deny that it is indeed a perfect board.

Let’s dive into its significant features to know this adorable product.

Sturdy Construction

For prolonged use, the construction of the longboard should be sturdy. Similarly, this Voldar longboard has a flexible deck that has 8 layers of construction of Rock maple. When the deck is unbreakable then it would be comfortable for the riders to ride with ease.

On the flip side, the wheels of this longboard have soft construction of PU to attain perfect grip on the surface. The trucks are durable with their aluminium structuring to maximize the speed of the longboards.

Attractive Design

Another amazing factor to count this longboard as the best pick for beginners is its attractive design. You are acquainted with the customers that they need a longboard that is not only good in performance but also has an impactful design.

The tail and nose are pointed to decrease the pressure of the air to attain a fast speed while moving. Moreover, the deck is beautifully designed to attract customers and have logos on both sides of the deck. It has an elegant colour combination to enhance its beauty.

Specific Traits

This longboard has many specifications for providing ease to beginners. It has soft wheels of 70mm which are capable to resist damping vibrations while riding on a steep or bumpy surface. Also, the bearings are of ABEC 9 and aluminium constructed trucks to cope with corrosion.

3. Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard


  • Bamboo construction and maple covering deck for ensuring prolong use
  • Versatile for use as skateboard or longboard for cruising
  • Stiff deck and soft wheels for protecting the rider from any mishap


  • The bearing needs to be updated for high speed

The next is the Magneto longboard with its 44inch broad deck to provide you with ease while gadding about the town. It has several advantages for beginners as a cruiser and eye-catching designs with explosive tail and nose.

Now, you have to scroll down for more interesting information about this longboard.

Quality Construction

The deck of this longboard is of the bamboo fibre to ensure the sturdiness and stiffness of the board. As these boards have different weights that are the strength of the board is ensured with the covering of the maple wood.

On the bright side, the wheels are constructed of urethane for prolonged use. The trucks are of aluminium for the perfect performance of the longboards while cruising. It would be helpful for both beginners and pro users.

Soft Wheels

Moreover, its wheels have urethane formation to provide flexibility and softness. This softness and strength are valuable for perfect grip on bumpy roads to resist disturbing vibrations while cruising.

The design is accurate for absorbing the shocks while turning the boards suddenly. The aluminium trucks keep the wheels in the exact position when you are boarding at high speed. The flexibility of the wheels will enhance the age and resist the cracks.

Versatile Performance

This longboard is admirable for its versatile performance on all types of surfaces like smooth or uneven roads. Not only for longboarding but also it is beneficial for skating with its durable wheels and smooth trucks.

Its kicktail is remarkable for cutting the friction of the air while riding. It would be an awesome selection for beginners and pro riders as well. At an affordable budget, this versatile longboard is significant for enhancing the skills with different riding styles.

4. Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser Longboard


  • Sturdy articulation for resisting the shocks on bumpy surfaces
  • Customized speed for riding and turning the longboard
  • Durable wheels with broad size to ride with comfort


  • Average trucks and slow bearings for attaining high speed

Proceeding to the next is the Quest cruiser longboard with its impactful specs to make you comfortable while cruising. If you need a longboard for beginners with a lightweight then this longboard would comply with your necessity.

Below, some of the significant characters of this prime longboard are mentioned.

Long Deck

This indestructible deck is constructed of maple wood and bamboo knitting for stiff construction. Absorption of the extra vibrations is necessary while moving through the jumps that can disturb your motion. That’s why the wheels of this longboard are capable of these shocks.

On the flip side, the length of the deck is 44inches for attaining accurate projection with a tall or short height. For beginners and free riders both, this broad deck will be valuable for skating also. If you pick this indestructible longboard with a broad deck then it would help you for comfortable sliding.

Sturdy Wheels

Who doesn’t want to perform a remarkable ride on the smooth and bumpy roads? For this purpose, the wheels of the longboards should be well-constructed to cope with the jumps and bumps. This longboard has durable wheels for accurate traction with perfect trucks.

The wheels are articulated of polyurethane with 70mm size to slide conveniently. These tyres are sturdy to endure friction and have a strong grip on the grounds for smooth rides.

Other Specifications

It includes several specs to comply with accurate rides with more stability and customized turns. This longboard has aluminium constructed trucks with the size of 7 inches to provide impactful performance.

Its ABEC 7 bearings are compact and genuine for fast speed while cruising. Its 44 inches length is perfect for every kind of rider and 70mm wheels will provide ease to the rider with their strong grip for smooth rides.

5. Junli 41 Inch Freeride Skateboard Longboard


  • Wheels are compact and sturdy to endure friction while riding
  • Responsive trucks for smoothing the rides while sliding on the bumpy surfaces
  • Impactful bearing to elevate the speed of the rider
  • Has versatile use like skating, freeriding, and cruising


  • The deck is not well-constructed for a prolonged use

Do you need a longboard that has fast speed and exotic design? If yes, then this Junli longboard is for you. This 41inches lengthy longboard is easy to use with sturdy wheels and responsive trucks. With its exceptional design, it catches its customers easily.

Let’s move your cursor down to know more interesting about this longboard.

Responsive Trucks

Its trucks are important to respond with high speed. Also, the baseplate and hangers of this longboard are comfortable for locating the exact pivot point. It keeps the position of the wheels in the right place. What else you could ask for convenient riding?

These responsive trucks are valuable for covering the distance in a short time. The trucks have 7 inches in size and are constructed of aluminium for stable performance on the roads. Its trucks are significant for achieving high speed and development of innovative skills.

Robust Wheels

Furthermore, the wheels are made up of polyurethane to ensure robustness. This outstanding robustness is great for resisting the cracks when you jump from one place to another. These compact wheels will help you to use different tricks while riding.

The 70mm size of these wheels is accurate for smooth rides with a rock finish. The bearings of ABEC 11 are another factor to elevate the speed of the wheels while cruising or skating.

Easy to Use

Without using any rocket science, this longboard is easy to use for commuting and cruising. Not only the best longboard for beginners but also this is an exclusive pick for free riders, freestylers and pro riders. Due to its precise radius of wheels, this longboard is convenient to use.

Also, it is stable for all types of users from beginners to experienced riders. Its compact deck and sturdy wheels are helpful for impactful performance on the roads.

6. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard


  • Attractive design to catch customers
  • The robust construction of the deck for bearing weight and long use
  • Comfortable for all users
  • A reasonable price will not break your bank


Average bearing for stable rides

As a beginner, you need a longboard that can make it easy for you while riding and also worth your money. So you don’t need to worry, this Playshion brand has Drop Through longboard is bolting for your ease.

Let’s have a look at its top-notch features for effortless rides.

Adorable Design

It’s the design of the product that attracts you at first sight. Similarly, this brand has an adorable design for building confidence also. Its coconut graphics and sunset graphics are valuable for inspiring the customer at first sight.

Comfortable Deck

When you are starting riding, you must look for a controlled size of the deck. So, this longboard has 39inches in size for making the beginners comfortable while riding. Its size is near to the ideal size of the deck so that the beginners would be easy while pushing this longboard.

Its deck is not only comfortable for its exclusive size but also, has a robust construction. It has 7 layers of two construction elements. There are 5-ply maple woods and 2-ply bamboo layers to ensure rigidity of the deck.

Powerful Trucks

On the flip side, the trucks of the wheels are powerful for the compatible speed of the longboard. Its responsive trucks make this longboard appealing for beginners. Its aluminium articulated trucks are 7 inches for controlling the speed of the wheels.

These powerful trucks urge this longboard to comply with all types of rides including skating, cruising, and free-riding. It would help beginners and pro users to ride smoothly even on bumpy surfaces.

7. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete


  • Compact wheels for comfortable rides on bumpy and smooth surfaces
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Powerful bearings and trucks to increase the speed of the longboard
  • Stable rides with its comfortable deck


  • The construction of the deck is not impressive

Next on the list is another wonderful longboard for enjoying stable rides. Here, this White Wave longboard is bolting with its classic performance and sleek design. If you are a beginner, then you must select this longboard for easy manoeuvre.

Multi-layer Deck Construction

The first and foremost factor to check about the longboard is its multi-layer construction. Several layers of Canadian maple and premium bamboo fibres ensure long use of the deck with the size of 41 inches to comply with comfortable slides.

On the flip side, the design of the deck is innovative to attain the attention of the buyers. Its graphics are comfortable to transfer heat so it will not warm your feet while pushing the board in the forward direction.

Urethane Wheels

Moreover, the durable construction of the wheels is essential for comfortable rides. The inferior structuring of the wheels will make the users uneasy while riding. To cope with this issue, the wheels of this longboard are made up of urethane.

This urethane enhances the strength of the wheels to bear the weight of the user and to cope with the friction causing factors while riding. These hard wheels are powerful for complying with the precise rides on hard surfaces.

Valuable Trucks

Also, it has valuable trucks for attaining high speed while cruising. Its trucks are of aluminium in size of 7 inches for directing the longboards to the right locations. It also helps to resist friction when you suddenly turn your board while riding.

Its bushings are powerful. Along with compact wheels, durable kingpin and hanger, this longboard can also be used for skating on different surfaces.

8. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop Deck


  • Impactful soft wheels for smooth rides
  • Classical bearings for optimized the speed of the longboard
  • Powerful trucks and bushings for exact positioning of the wheels


  • Average construction to ensure long use

Again I have another top-notch longboard for the beginners from the brand of MINORITY. This longboard is for Downhill longboarding and has perfect specifications to slide on steep slopes and uneven surfaces also.

Before its selection, let’s have a look at its key features.

Robust Construction

Without any addition of other elements, this longboard has pure construction maple wood. This maple layering is vulnerable to resist the attack for rust and mildew in moisture. Its deck is 40 inches long for providing comfortable rides to the users while riding.

When I move to its wheels, these are articulated with indestructible polyurethane material. This material is good for enhancing the flexibility of the wheels and soft them. This softness is beneficial for complimentary rides on rough grounds.

Smooth Rides

It has powerful trucks and smooth bearings for elevating the speed of the rider while pushing.  Its 7 inches trucks provide great speed with the assistance of its kingpin. Also, the whole longboard is constructed in an exceptional style for smooth and stable rides.

Its deck, wheels and trucks help the riders to lower the impact of gravity while cruising. Its aluminium trucks will not get rusted so there would be no friction in the trucks and wheels that can restrict the motion of the rider in a certain direction.

Best Bearings

For enjoying unparalleled rides, the bearing of the longboard should be durably constructed. Similarly, the bearing of this downhill longboard is made up of ABEC 9 for using this longboard for a long time. These bearings help to cover the explosive distance in a short time.

For attaining impactful rides and high speed, these bearings are valuable and can provide more stability.

9. APOLLO Longboard


  • Best pick for a long use for its sturdy construction
  • The wheels are large for comfortable rides
  • Trucks and bearing are classic for maximizing the performance of the longboard


  • The average length is not suitable for tall riders

As I am proceeding to the end of this best beginner longboards write-up so here the second last choice for beginner riders is APOLLO longboards. This outstanding longboard is convenient to use for beginners to control with its reliable deck.

Robust Engineering

This adorable longboard is durably engineered with solid material to deal with any damage before the time. The 5-ply layers of maple are weaved on the top of the deck and then it is covered from top to bottom with 2-ply layers of bamboo fibre.

The wheels are sturdy and trucks are of graded aluminium alloy for effective use for a long time. The bearings are of ABEC 9 for attaining accurate speed to cut the gravity and pressure of the air.

Comfortable Manoeuvre

The deck is only 39 inches in length so, it would be easy for kids and adults both to have a safe ride on this durable longboard. Due to its compact design, it attracts many buyers and then its comfortable manoeuvre will be an additional factor in its benefits.

This longboard is bolting with a T-tool for comfortable maintenance of the board before the ride. Also, its robust wheels have broad size for complying with the customized rides for kids of the age of 6+.

Amazing Variety

This brand is best for all types of users to comply with stable and précised rides. Also, it has different longboards in different styles and designs. So you can easily select the one that would be suitable to your style as a beginner or freestyles.

10. Volador 40inch Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser


  • Durable engineering of the deck for a prolonged use
  • Comfortable wheels with soft polyurethane for shock absorption
  • Unique performance on smooth and bumpy surfaces as well


  • Only for cruising not for free rides and downhill movement

It’s time to move to the last product of the article that is another product of the Voldor brand. This beginner longboard is exclusive for distant cruising with its reliable construction and effortless use. Its significant features will assure your selection of longboards for a smooth ride.

Indestructible Articulation

For ensuring the durability of the longboard, it should endure shocks and heavyweights on its surface. Similarly, this longboard has a sturdy construction of its deck with the assistance of multiple layers of maple wood and bamboo fibre.

Also, it can bear weight to 250lbs without showing and damage in its construction. This heavy weight-bearing capacity is due to the sturdy construction of the deck. The wheels, trucks and bearings are also well-constructed to cope with the uneven rides and all types of weather.

Restful Wheels

Its wheels have the restful articulation of polyurethane that helps to soften the wheels for shock absorption. Due to tremendous flexibility in its articulation, the wheels will provide smooth and restful cruising to the riders.

Also, the size of the wheels is large enough to roll the longboard easily on bumpy surfaces. It would help beginners to control their speed while moving.

Durable Bearings

The traction of the wheels is controlled with durable bearings. So, this longboard has ABEC 9 bearing with chrome construction. These bearings will resist the shocks and elevate the speed of the wheels to lower the effect of gravity on the wheels.

It has ABEC 9 bearings with fine construction so that you can enjoy stable rides on this great board.

How Many Types of Longboards Are There:

There are different types of longboards for different styles of riders. There may be no difference in their construction but all are different in performance from each other. Let’s scroll down!

  1. Cruiser Longboards

For beginners, these cruising longboards are the exclusive choice for developing the skills of riding. With durable structuring and effortless use, this longboard is valuable for all riders. For easy cruising, these have big and compact wheels.

2. Carving Longboards

These boards have many similarities with the cruisers but the difference is their shape. These longboards are more concave and keep the feet protected while riding. Carving longboards have loose trucks to attain precise height while moving.

On the flip side, these boards have soft wheels for balanced riding.

3. Free Ride Longboards

The free-ride longboards are not comfortable for beginners as they have a variety of designs and shapes. These are good for their high speed and have perfect control for free-riders while turning the wheels.

Its wheels are hard because it has to resist friction while turning the boards. Also, the speed of these longboards is fast to cover maximum distance. It can also be used for carving and cruising.

4. Push Longboards

These longboards are simple to operate but have a sturdy articulation along with mid-sized wheels. It is easy to slide on the ground with a customized speed. Also, it can be turned into a cruiser and carver according to the need.

5. Downhill Longboards

When you are talking about the downhill longboards then let me clear these are the most serious boards for the ride. Its construction is compact and exotic design along with an accurate grip on the ground to enjoy a smooth ride with a speed of 70mph.

So, while attaining your favourite longboard, you must have to keep these factors in your mind. I hope this buying guide would make your selection easy.

Is There Any Benefits on Longboarding?

Benefits of Longboarding

Apart from fun, longboarding has many more benefits including transport, cruising, health benefits etc. Below, I have tried to enlist all the benefits of the longboards. so, let’s read them out to get acquainted with the use of longboard skateboards.

  • Cruising: To travel from one place to another is not easy. Without the consumption of petrol in bikes and riding bicycles, longboards can provide you ease while cruising.
  • Good for Cardio-Vascular Exercise: When you take steps to move forward, along with your whole body, the muscles of your heart also get strengthen. So, longboarding is useful to increase the heart rate and decrease the rate of heart diseases.
  • Maintain Balance: Using longboards can increase the chance of the maintenance of the balance of feet. You can balance the weight of your whole body on one leg while pushing the longboard with the other leg.
  • Loss Weight: Longboarding is also a sort of exercise to burn extra calories that will urge you to lose weight easily.  Also, it will enhance the movement of your legs and transform your looks after burning the fats of the lower body.

So, you can be entertained with all these benefits after using longboards. Longboards have many advantages to provide you with comfort.

A word of advice: When practising, don’t forget to wear your protective gear. Especially if you are a novice longboarder. To learn more, see our Longboarding Tips for Beginners article.


  • How to Pick the Correct Size Longboard for Beginners?

Beginners have to pick up the longboard according to their height like 28-32 inches size is best for short cruising while 32-42 inches are popular for mid-size cruising.

  • How long are longboards?

32 to 59 inches length of the longboards are acceptable for tremendous performance on all the surfaces with fast speed.

  • How much do longboards cost?

$60 to $250 is an affordable price of a longboard with all of its specifications. This price will provide ease to beginners in budget and performance.

  • How fast do longboards go?

It should have a 6mph speed while cruising but when it comes to riding downhill then your longboard should have a speed of 50-65mph.

  • What are the different types of longboards?

There are several longboards with different styles. It includes Downhill, Drops Through, Carving longboards, Blunt, Pintail, Fishtail, Bamboo, and Cruising longboards.


What you need for a comfortable and smoother ride is the best longboard that’s why I have filtered out the 10 best longboards for beginners. All the boards are durable and have the quality performance to make you easy while moving or cruising.

In my opinion, the Retrospec and Valdor longboards are exclusive for their high ratings, indestructible construction, and impactful performance.

Thus, if you have found this write-up useful for you then must share your views. Thank you!



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