7 Best Pintail Longboards to Cruise Through the Cities

Jul 17, 2021 | Longboard Reviews

Longboards aren’t any more a kids’ fun toy. As our understanding and ways of commuting are transforming, longboards, especially the pintail longboards, are becoming more and more popular modes of transport.

When you get to know about some of the best pintail longboards (which we’ll be talking about today), you’d certainly want to reconsider this eco-friendly, physically rewarding, and time-saving, clean alternative for everyday short to medium distance travels.

Pintail longboards have become increasingly popular because of incredible convenience and superior performance, especially for cruising and carving. You won’t be risking wheel bite. (wheels getting rough contact with the board during turns) either, and enjoy a long, free ride for small-scale commutes.

Best All-Around: Seething Pintail Cruiser. looking for The perfect Pintail longboard? but lack the time to conduct your own research and price comparisons. Here’s our winner, Let’s have a look at a few of the most important features:

  • Stylish, attractive, and mesmerizing paint job everyone loves
  • Tremendous wheel improvements with added durability and maximizing grip
  • Exceptional deck grip keeps the footing stable
  • Comes with both ideal length and weight for a perfect pintail longboarding experience
  • An astounding 330LBS carrying capability helps the heavier rider

Advantages of Using Pintail Longboards

Some of the benefits of Pintail Longboards are given below:

Maximum Cruising and Carving

For those who love cruising and carving, Pintails with high-quality design is a must. They’re usually top-mounted, which offers an extraordinary advantage of taking sharp twists and turns without wheel biting.

As a result, you get a smooth beach cruising while the wind is gushing against your body, touching through all the parts of your skin, giving you the most satisfying sensations ever!

Outstanding Commute Companion

Are you one of those modern-day commuters who loves ducking in and out of the metro or attending the classes, or going home from the office? Whatever the situation is, Pintail longboards are the ones that every expert would recommend for daily commute.

Dodging Pedestrians

While making your way through a busy street filled with pedestrians, having a pintail is a must. It allows sharp turns and twists, which would come in handy in such situations.

Note: If you are a beginner, then we highly recommended you to check out our article about Best Longboards for Beginners for a better understanding of what to look out for as a beginner longboarder.

Comperision Table For Best Pintail Longboards:

Atom Pin-Tail LongboardAtom Pin-Tail Longboard

  • Length: 39-Inch
  • Deck: Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
Check Price
seething 42 InchSeething Longboard Skateboard Complete

  • Length: 42 Inch
  • Material: Aluminum, Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 80A
Check Price
RIMABLE Pintail Longboard RIMABLE Pintail Longboard

  • Length: 41 Inch
  • Material: Aluminum, Maple
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
Check Price
<br />
Quest Quest "Totem Longboard Skateboard

  • Length: 36 Inch
  • Deck: Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 80A
Check Price
Yocaher Beach Series CompleteYocaher Beach Series Complete

  • Length: 40 Inch
  • Deck: Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
Check Price
Yocaher in The PinesYocaher in The Pines

  • Length: 40 Inch
  • Deck: Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
Check Price
Krown Complete Longboard SkateboardKrown Complete Longboard Skateboard

  • Length: 109 Centimeters
  • Deck: Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
Check Price

Best Pintail Longboards Review

In this long and highly comprehensive guide, we’ll try to look at some of the best pintail longboards for the best carving/ cruising performance. Let’s quickly go through each one of them in detail.

1. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard

First on our list is the colorful Atom Pintail longboard. The first thing that anyone would notice is the spectacular paint job it comes with. Vibrant and eye-catching, the longboard would surely attract your buddies down the street!

It’s chiefly made for cruising, so if riding style involves going down the alleys for small grocery shopping or other chores outside, this would be a perfect fit anytime!

Coming with 78A wheels, you’d find decent support on both smooth and rough surfaces while adding maximum grip to tackle bumps and cracks. This makes it an ideal cruising board!

Each item has its own share of flaws, and this quality longboard isn’t any exception either.

One issue that you may have with this is durability. Board base and other components can get damaged due to rough or long-term usage. But apart from the minor and regular issues such as that, this should be a standard pintail longboard shape for the novice riders you can start your journey at any time!


Ultra-lightweight: Interestingly enough, this longboard comes with an unbelievably low weight count at 1 pound only.

Material: Used a regular and relatively stronger maple material in the construction.

Urethane Wheels: Comes equipped with Urethane Wheels for superior abrasion resistance and reduced wear

Beginner Friendly: This one is not difficult to operate. It isn’t built only for the pros; instead, the board would perform stunningly well for people who wish to learn the art of moving efficiently from one place to the next.

Added Flexibility: The excellent board comes with a classic pintail design making it extremely flexible for quick twists and turns, keeping you safe from wheel bites.

  • Unique design adjustments offer ease for the beginners and learners
  • Can be used for standard day-to-day cruising
  • 78A Urethane wheels add extra grip and reduce wear
  • Comes with an eye-catching design that attracts everyone
  • Cons
  • It May seem slightly less durable after long-term use

2. Seething Pintail Cruiser

At the 2nd spot here, we have another, this time a more advanced shorter than the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard we just talked about.

Another feature that you may have missed is the looks. Well, this board comes with ultra-stylish, retro-themed paint, adding a touch of class and sophistication your buddies would certainly acknowledge.

The base is polished with waterproof and anti-skidding sophisticated diamond emery paper, which lets the shoes stick to the base firmly and provides a steady ride as a result.

Additionally, the 80A wheels come with exceptional speed and grip properties both at the same time, letting you save time as you can speed through faster while enhancing safety at the same time!

However, the mounted truck’s quality may seem a bit disappointing for this longboard. But keeping aside the minor flaws, this should be an out-of-the-box longboard that would stand out every time you bring it out!


PU Wheels: The board comes equipped with superior-grade PU wheels. Almost all the superior grade skate and longboard manufacturers usually use PU wheels for their extended durability and flexibility.

Ideal Weight: At around 6.8 LBS, this incredible longboard comes with the perfect weight for a cruising longboard. Usually, quality cruisers weigh somewhere in between 6 to 7 LBS.

Unbelievable Load Carrying:  Flimsy and broken decks are some of the most common longboard issues you’d frequently hear about. But, the Seething longboard is built using a superior grade Canadian maple, making it unbelievably durable and giving it the capability to carry weight up to an astounding 330 lbs! Perfect Length: It comes with a 12-inch base making it a perfect size for exceptional cruising at desirable speeds.

  • Comes at the right length for great speed
  • Highly durable, perfectly measured wheels offer grip added with extra versatility
  • Retro themed painting makes it highly attractive
  • Firm grip on the deck minimizes road issues
  • Poor truck construction can seem highly bothersome

3. RIMABLE Pintail Longboard

At the third spot here in our list, we have the Rimable Pintail Longboard. First, we’d like to focus on the paint job. Similar to the Seething Pintail Cruiser they too come with exceptional paintwork that should attract anyone who sees it. The Hawaii-themed paint on the belly gives it an edge in terms of looks.

On the other hand, the wheels of this board are made using Polyurethane which offers better durability. 

Moreover, this splendid board uses a 9 ply construction using maple wood which makes it incredibly hard for long-term use. However, it would make the surface harder and render it a bit less maneuverable compared to the softer ones.

Nonetheless, the bearing quality isn’t something that many of the advanced riders would be happy about and may need replacement. But keeping the minor issue aside, this should be a stunning all-around pintail longboard we can go for any time!


Spacious Base Length:  This board comes with an incredible 41-inch long base giving it an ideal size for a steady speed with quality commuting experience while providing a substantial foot space.

Long Distance Board: Because of the type of construction and wheel type, this board is chiefly built for long-distance travel, making cruising a lot easier!

70MM Wheels: Coming with 70 MM wheels, this board is as versatile as it gets. 70MM wheels are great for both carving, cruising, and a relaxed ride. To add to that, they also feature incredible speed and easier sliding capabilities for a more comfortable ride both for the experienced riders and the new.

  • 41″ Long and spacious base features flexible and speedy movement
  • Special 9 ply construction makes it highly durable
  • 70MM wheels offer extraordinary cruising capabilities
  • Polyurethane material improves wheel durability
  • Bearings may seem a bit flimsy

4. Quest’s Totem Longboard

Now, we have the Quest Longboard at the fourth spot on our list. Let’s find out a bit about this incredible item!

The first thing that we’re going to talk about is the base material. Another thing that makes it a unique pick is the artwork. Coming with a tribal painting on the surface, it’d certainly provide the longboard with a spectacular appearance to the people.

Besides the looks, the board is shaped with a kicktail which would let the user perform basic tricks.


60 MM Wheels: This incredible longboard comes with small 60mm wheels for faster acceleration, which would offer tremendous convenience in short-distance travel within short periods.

Durable Materials Used: Often, the base is the first part where damages are noticed. To tackle this issue, Quest has tried its hand at making a durable base. Their solution? Well, Quest has used a blend of bamboo and cold climate maple to construct the base surface. The intelligent blend of these materials makes it super sturdy for a roughened use. A Bit Heavy: Coming at around 6.15 this may seem a bit heavy for the size.

  • Incredible tribal style paint makes it stand out
  • Kicktail offers slight tricks to perform
  • 60mm wheels for faster travels with a quality acceleration
  • Bamboo and cold-climate maple offers long-lasting usage capability
  • May seem slightly heavier for the size.

5. Yocaher Beach Series Complete Pintail Longboard

Here in the fifth spot, we have another quality longboard by the Yocaher Store.

The first thing that we’d like to look at is the highly attractive artwork under the surface. Similar to the RIMABLE Pintail Longboard, the beach vibes from the amazing paint job that separates the board from the rest.

It also has a balanced deck size of 40″ inches which makes it a quality board for long-distance travel with a decent speed.

Moreover, having a weaker truck can often seem like an issue for the longboarders. That’s why in this standard board, Yocaher introduces tremendously durable trucks, increasing the overall lifespan.

Analyzing all the characteristics, this complete longboard would make an ideal beginner-friendly longboard for those who want to learn.

One of the drawbacks of this board is, it’s difficult to slide with it. But if you look at this item, on the whole, this should indeed be a worthwhile pick anytime!


Versatile 78A Wheels: Similar to the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard comes with 78A wheels, which are known as soft wheels for versatile performance. The particular sort of wheels come with exceptional grip properties, enhancing safe, un-bumpy travel. So, if you want a smooth riding experience, this longboard should be a consideration.

Durable 9 Ply Construction: The board uses a superior grade 9Ply maple construction. This highly reinforced construction mechanism would increase the lifespan of the deck to a certain extent. Abec 7 Bearings: The longboard also includes premium-grade Abec 7 bearings. Unlike the other regular bearings, it comes with extended precision and lasts longer for extended use.

  • Comes designed with stunning paintwork
  • 40″ inches deck for decent speed and good stability
  • 78A wheels offer exceptional grip and a smooth ride
  • 9 play construction increase deck durability
  • Users may find it a bit challenging to slide with it properly

6. Yocaher in The Pines Natural Longboard

At the final stages of our guide, we have another standard pick by Yocaher. Let’s have a brief, in-depth look at the board. Much like Yocaher Beach Series Complete Pintail Skateboards, this one too comes with extraordinarily durable 9ply construction. As a result of this heavy-duty construction technique, you’d get a stunningly durable deck that lasts long and reduces faster wearing.

On top of that, this board comes equipped with 78A soft wheels. As we already mentioned, such wheel type is extremely flexible and can be used on an array of surfaces from smooth to bumpy without many problems. The wheels will also offer better grip potential making the rides more secure.

This longboard comes completely assembled, so you don’t have to take the pain to assemble it by yourself. 

Just like any other item, this one too can be prone to wear and tear after long and heavy. But apart from this natural issue, there isn’t much negative to say about it. And all in all, this should be an incredible starter you can go for!


Proper Deck Length: Deck length is one of the most important factors. To enjoy cruising with smoothness and speed, it’s better to have decks around 38-42 inches. And this board meets that criteria as its’ 40″ inches long deck would offer substantial speed and stability!

70MM Wheels: 70MM wheels are often regarded as quality wheels that can be used on smooth roads to rough pavements. It has an innate anti-vibration mechanism that reduces the shaking and provides the desired smoothness during rides.  Sturdy Trucks: Super sturdy Abec 7 chrome trucks forged using Aluminum alloy make it a super durable pick you can go for.

  • Features eye-catching beach-vibe style paint job
  • 9 ply durable maple construction for lasting use
  • 78A wheels for extended grip and smoothness
  • 40inch deck length for decent cruising potential
  • Can be prone to wear and tear in the long run

7. Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard

Our final item in the list is the much revered, Krown’s complete longboard. Let’s check out the last longboard in detail.

First off, this particular longboard comes with some of the most stylish designs on the list. It offers an unbelievable 8 different designs and colors with exceptionally attractive patterns that’d set you apart from the crowd for sure!

On top of that, like the Seething Pintail Cruiser, it also comes with a Canadian maple construction with extraordinary strength, which would offer extended durability for lasting use and, most importantly, survive the road!

Well, this longboard has an extended base measuring 43 inches in length. As a result of the enlarged deck, you’d get the increased speed with steady on-road performance.

Although the bearing and the wheels may make slight noise during the ride, yet the board would offer an extraordinary riding experience and overall quality on the whole!


Ideal Weight: The board weighs around 6 pounds. Well, that is the ideal weight for a longboard used for cruising and carving. So if you’re getting the longboard for the daily commute or similar jobs, this should be something you’d need to go for!

Super Sturdy Trucks: Unlike most of the primary level longboards, this Krown’s complete longboard comes with exceptionally sturdy 6 inches silver trucks. Such strong tucks can easily sustain intense riding conditions! Added Black Grip Tape: The base surface of the board is covered with black grip tape. This effective element is a sandpaper-like substance that would offer an outstanding grip, so your shoes stick to the board stably for a steady ride.

  • Comes with 8 stunning patterns for men of style and sophistication
  • Canadian maple construction for extended durability
  • Large spacious 43-inch base offers better cruising
  • Added grip tape provides better shoe grip
  • The wheels and the bearings can sometimes make some noises

How to Maintain Pintail Longboard

Here is a list of how you can maintain a longboard.

Maintaining Deck

Decks receive all the elements on their surface. From the continuous exposure to sun, dust, water, and the constant pressure of human weight, decks can wear down pretty quickly!

Always make sure the surface remains dry; use a cover protector.

Maintaining Bearing

It’s also crucial for you to clean and maintain the bearing correctly, so it doesn’t rust quickly. Make sure you clean the bearing after a dusty ride. Remove the bearing and rinse the bearing by rubbing isopropyl alcohol and let it dry. Apply bearing lubricant and re-attach it back for a stunning performance!

Maintaining the Wheel

If you don’t want to wear the wheels quickly, it’s better not to ride on a bumpy surface unless you have to. Riding on smooth roads and minimizing the frequency of power slides.

Things to Consider Before Buying Pintail Longboards

Here are some of the most important factors you should consider in order to get the pintail from the market.

Base Measurement

The first things to consider are the deck shapes. An ideal pintail would have a length between 38-42 inches. Anything within this measurement should give optimum performance for carving, cruising, and downhill riding.


Pintail boards aren’t only a mode of transport; it’s also a lifestyle. That’s why getting a board with a cool paint job is highly essential. Try finding attractively pleasing color patterns and designs that are positively vibrant.

Wheel Measurement

The size of the wheel is another important aspect while choosing your next longboard. Usually, 65-70mm wheels work well for pintails. They provide a more balanced output, improving speed while enhancing the sliding capabilities. However, larger wheels provide high speed.

Wheel Hardness

The hardness measurement is equally crucial. Wheels’ performance depends on their hardness. Softer wheels like 78A would offer an outstanding grip both on smooth and slightly paved roads.

On the other hand, they’d also help reach a tremendous speed. While the harder wheels 83-88A would lower down the speed. However, they’re more durable than the softer ones.

Grip Tape

It’s a general rule to get boards that come with a good grip tape installed with pintail longboard decks. A grip tape would provide stunning stability. Your feet have enough foot space and will stick to the base surface a lot better, and offer you exceptionally better control over the great board.

Build Material

Finally, do consider what the base is made of. Usually, 9 ply Canadian maple constructions are known to be one of the sturdiest board building mechanisms ever.

So, getting one that uses such a construction method won’t be a bad idea.


How do you stop on a pintail longboard?

Getting it through a rough surface with less friction like grass can decrease speed significantly. You can also jump off the board, slowly decreasing the speed. The stopping mechanism can sound a bit different than the other boards.

What are pintail longboards good for?

The best pintail longboard made for cruising and carving. You can also use it for short or mid-ranged commutes.

What is the wheel durometer?

Durometer, in simple terms, refers to the wheel’s hardness.

What is a reverse kingpin?

Reverse kingpins are a type of truck that is used in longboards for giving the users an edge in cruising, carving, freeride, and many other styles of riding.

Are pintail longboards good for turning?

Yes, pintail longboards are characterized by their exceptional ability to make quick twists and turns.

Final Thought

Well, we’re at the concluding parts of our guide. In this highly comprehensive discussion, we talked vividly about 7 different Pintail longboard options you can go for.

Further, we also added substantial amounts of information on the related matter so they can fill the potential knowledge gaps and make you capable of choosing the best item from the market.

Among the 7 boards, we talked about, we’d like to recommend the

Seething 42 Inch Longboard for the best performance. We’d also like to endorse the Krown Complete Longboard for stunning views and best value, along with standard riding quality.

Pintail longboards are gradually being relevant in the congested, environmentally damaging traffic system. What are you waiting for then? Join the new revolution and feel the pace with each kick! 


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