Top Mount Longboard for Beginners( Best 3 )

Aug 2, 2021 | Blog, Longboard Reviews


Have you ever found a one-size-fits-all dress to look good on everyone? Never happens. Just like that, there is no single skateboard that is good for everyone addicted to skateboarding: like George, Joanna, and you reading this piece.

But depending on how tall and lean you are, how much you weigh, how frequently you practice, and how you ride (among other things), there should be a single, unique top mount longboard that suits every one of you.

Therefore, keeping the basics of stable and durable boards, responsive trucks, and the right wheel clearance in mind, here’s a quick guide and some of the best reviews for you!

Winning Product

Are you a beginner who has never set his foot on a skateboard? The best option for you is the Sector 9 Highline Complete Skateboard. It can guarantee you a butter-smooth ride whether you are commuting or casual riding, very high quality of construction, and perfect stability.

Best top mount longboard deck-top 3

If you are looking for some of the best top mount longboard decks available in the market right now. we got you covered -here are our best picks for your ease:

Landyachtz Dinghy Growler CompleteLandyachtz Dinghy Growler Complete

  • Length: 28.5"
  • Deck: Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 78a
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<br />
Loaded Boards Tesseract BambooLoaded Boards Tesseract Complete

  • Length: na
  • Deck: Dual bamboo cores
  • Durometer Hardness: 86a
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Sector 9 Highline CompleteSector 9 Highline Complete

  • Length: 34.5"
  • Deck: Plastic, Maple
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
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Product Reviews on The Top Mount Longboards

Below are some of the popular picks in the skateboard/top mount skateboard world. Exactly why these are favorite and what they can do for you or your riding style, let’s find out!

Best for Commuting: Landyachtz Dinghy Growler Complete Skateboard

Commuting heroes, this longboard is looking at you for all the service it can provide but you still choose to have an average longboard. Why? Although it has a tag that can raise your eyebrows to your forehead, the functionalities offered can tell you exactly why the tag suits it.

The Dinghy features a concave design. You will also find cutouts in the front wheel that can let you take sharp twists and turns that suddenly come your way while commuting to work. With 27 colors and 3 styles up its sleeve, let’s take a look at its key features:

Key features:

  • Deck Style: You have a 28.5-inch cutout deck here that is good enough to carry any average-sized human while preventing wheel bite. The construction features 7-ply maple and allows stiff flex, making it perfect for bombing hills or simply a freeride. Add to this 8 inches of width, and you get a lot of foot room for a comfortable ride.
  • Components:  In this board, manufacturers were wise to put in Polar Bear trucks featuring the traditional kingpin style. This allows you to move it in your control as you ride the streets.
  • Stability: This board is designed to provide you the feel of a longboard but has the perfected stability of a skateboard. The Bears Spaceball bearings and the Hawggs Mini Monster wheels on the deck ensure that you can ride without tripping.
  • Features an ABEC rating of 7 to give you great speed on the road.nEngraved wood structure promotes a beautiful design on them.nWheels are great for running on imperfect and rough roads.nAllows excellent maneuverability and tricks for the kicktail shape.nSmall enough longboard that can be carried anywhere.n
  • Has a little high price tag for brand value.nThe wheels are a little smaller than some would like.

Best for Freestyle Riding: Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Longboard

Loaded Skateboards have a reputation that many longboard manufacturers will envy. Because there isn’t an avid skateboarder who hasn’t ever dreamt of owning a skateboard or a longboard from them, including the Tesseract Bamboo! But what exactly does this board have?

Similar to the Landyachtz Dinghy Growler Complete Skateboard, this one has a medium-concave deck shape. This allows you to do two things: riding slow and sliding fast. As a result, you get both comfort and security from the lateral support as you create multiple reference points with your feet. Let’s see what else it has.

Key features:

  • Portable and durable: Made with a combination of fiberglass and bamboo, Loaded’s Tesseract is made to be lightweight enough to be carried anywhere with you. This is further backed by the bottom layer cork construction that is shock-resistant and adds superior durability to the model.
  • Versatile: The deck measures 7.25 inches with multilayers of bamboo ply that gives you a good amount of flex that is required for any carving, commuting, or freestyle riding. It also makes riding on rough surfaces easy as the vibrations are dampened.
  • Supportive: Thanks to the Orangutang wheels, you can balance between the grip and slide that you want from the longboard. What’s more, it offers you a better ground clearance with the wheel flares, which is essential for rocky roads.
  • Has a symmetrical shape that is perfect for practicing tricks.nEco-friendly construction that supports a lot of riding styles.nAllows you to customize your setup with the multiple wheelbase options.nComes with rocker cradles which give you security and comfort in riding.nParis trucks allow a smooth ride with better control on the deck.
  • For cruising, the bearings and wheels are not that fast.nDoes not come with spacers, which bummed some users.

Best Overall: Sector 9 Highline Complete Skateboard

Cruise and carve maestros (or skaters and maestros to be with that skill) have all raved and ranted about the Sector 9 Highline board.

Made for everyone looking for a professional skateboard without breaking the bank and for those looking to have some fun on a reactive board, this is one of the popular choices from an industry-favorite brand, Sector 9. But wait, what style is it for?

As many as you have! If you have ever wanted to thrash down the hills, if you want to cruise with friends, or if you want a dancing longboard, this is it. The pintail shape of the board, different from that of the Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Longboard, makes it more precise and responsive for all the dancing and tricks you want to do!

Key features:

  • Flexible: This board is made of 7-ply maple wood. This works to absorb the vibrations as you cruise or commute. And since you get a good amount of flexibility from it, you can use it to ride rough roads as well.
  • Damage-proof: Here, the deck has a length of 34.5 inches and a width of 6 inches, and you can comfortably balance on it. And if you were worried about splitting or damaging your favorite skateboard, the tail and taco mold design will prevent you from lurking close to the ground, and ensure both strength and safety.
  • Comfortable: You get 74 mm thick and soft wheels on it. These allow you to travel long distances and take sharp turns (since you also get a good amount of flex from the cambered profile as well) and ensure that you can ride comfortably. 
  • Comes with an ergonomic grip tape on the deck for better grip.nEco-friendly construction on the risers made of recycled plastic.nEasy to carry and store from one place to another while commuting.nGreat for beginners who want a moderate speed while sliding.nGives high responsiveness from the taller kingpin design and Gullwing Mission trucks.n
  • With an ABEC rating of 5, the bearings are a little slow.nSmaller than typical pintails so not for heavy weight users

Features of A Top Mount Longboard

A top mount longboard is essentially known as a dancing longboard, but its versatility knows no bounds. When you are just starting skateboarding, you may want something that gives you great freedom of movement besides good amounts of stability, right?

For freestyle riding and performing tricks on your longboard, you should look at the quickest feature guide below:

  1. The length and wheelbase of it should be ideally 28-42 inches for 5 feet 10-inch sizes
  2. The materials used in construction can be bamboo, maple, or other wood.
  3. For the deck shapes and style, you can choose from kicktail, concave or W-concave models for cruising, downhill riding, freestyling, and freeriding.
  4. The flex rating can be soft for mellow riding, medium for moderate speed, and stiff flex for bombing hills.
  5. All top mount trucks are of the inverted/reversed kingpin style for stability.
  6. The higher the ABEC rating, the better.
  7. As for the wheels you can choose between a round lip that is easier to ride or a square lip that has more traction.

Top Mount Skateboard VS Drop-Through Skateboard

top mount vs drop through

The main difference between them lies in the bolting of the truck. While drop-through longboards have the trucks mounted through the deck, top mount skateboards have the trucks mounted underneath the deck.

This results in the top-mounted boards having a higher center of gravity than the drop-through options, making the former more nimble and suitable for beginners looking for an all-rounder in carving to downhill riding styles.

But for long-distance runs,  you should prefer the low deck height of the drop-through trucks in drop-through longboards as it is more comfortable.

Top Mount vs Drop-Through for Cruising

When you are cruising, you might like two options. Either you want a comfortable and slow ride, or you may want more response from your decks.

When you are riding on a straight, plain surface and you want more comfort and relaxation, the drop-through boards are better. But if your route/(every crowded crosswalk ever) has unexpected turns and bends and you like taking them, top-mounted boards are better.

Top Mount vs Drop-Through for Downhill

What do you think is better for beginner riders trying to do downhill riding? The answer is Top mount boards. This is because they have increased turn leverage. So when you are going downhill at top speed, the trucks below your feet can be controlled for a more responsive feel.

Since drop-through boards are closer to the ground and have clearance on them, the impact of wheel bite is felt more strongly in these than mount boards.

Final thoughts

And that brings us to the end of the search and a quick and easy discussion on what could be the best top mount longboard in the market!

Like you saw in the quick guide, basing your purchase upon features that guarantee more stability, good grip, materials that ensure longevity, and overall push/responsiveness from the deck is always a good thing to do.

The favorite choice in the list remains the Sector 9 Highline Complete Skateboard for ticking most of the boxes for any aspiring rider looking to get started on the adrenaline rushes. What do you think?


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