Longboard vs Skateboard: Which one is Best for Beginners?

May 25, 2021 | Blog

Are you interested to start skating? If so then the first question which will pop up in your mind will be whether I should start with a longboard or a skateboard? This is the most commonly asked question as both of them have a lot of similarities in appearance.

But their use is entirely different therefore, it is important to know about the main difference in their style, variety, and purpose. To know about their vital distinctions, one has to analyze deeply their size, shape, wheels, trucks, bearing, etc.

Of course, such time-taking and deep research will not be easy for you. Worry no further as I have covered all of these important points in this article.

So, let’s explore more about longboard vs skateboard and figure out together which one will be best for you?

Longboard vs Skateboard for Beginners: The difference

Longboard vs Skateboard For Beginners

While we compare both for beginners then longboards will be best. Longboards are long and wide so these provide greater flexibility during the ride and are easy to learn. Also, their wheels are soft which is comparatively bouncy than hard wheels and provides greater help during jumping. Skateboard has a different design and features smaller trucks that do not provide enough stability. However, these are great for practicing technical tricks like grinds, flips, etc. but tricky to use for beginners.

let’s take a look at the Comparison Chart:

StyleStreet, mini ramp, bowl, vertLongboard Dancing, downhill, freeriding, cruising
PopularityLess popular50% of the market
WeightPortable and light in weightLess popular and growing
Effort to RideMoreLess
SafetyMore injuriesFewer injuries
Replacing PartsFrequentInfrequent
TrucksAgile and shortMore stable and wide
WheelsSmall, hard wheelsBig, soft wheels
RidingShort distanceLong-distance
Longboard or Skateboard Comparison Chart

Longboard vs Skateboard: Shape & Size

Speaking about their shape and size, they have some differences in these aspects. The major difference is that the longboard has a flat nose while the skateboard has more curves on its tail and nose for easy landing during various tricks.

As their name depicts, the longboard is larger and can be 59 inches long. On the other hand, the maximum length of the skateboard is 36 inches so these are comparatively smaller in size. Longboards have a lot of variety in terms of size and shape. The common styles of longboards are given below:

  • Blunt. These longboards are extremely useful for beginners because of their unique design. These features wider tails and noses for providing high stability but they are not ideal for carving.
  • Dropdown. The Dropdown longboard is also a good choice for beginners and best for long-distance cruising. Their deck is lower in comparison to nose & tail and they are highly comfortable to ride.
  • Cruiser. Cruisers have smaller sizes and less smooth hence, not a perfect pick for beginners. However, it is possible to perform various tricks by using them as they have elevated tails and noses.
  • Cut Out. Next up is cut out which is a bi-directional board and provides good stability even at high speed. That’s why these are considered an ideal choice for the freeride, downhill, and freestyle.
  • Pintail. Pintails have sharp noses& tails while their center is wide. Other than that, you can ride them in only one direction as they are directional.

Longboard vs Skateboard: Wheels

Longboards and skateboards have many differences in their wheels based on their size, nature, color, etc.  As longboards support fast and smooth rides, therefore, their wheels are soft and larger.

On the flip side, the skateboard has stiff yet smaller wheels which make them convenient for the ledges, gaps, and rails. For street skaters, smaller wheels are useful while transition skaters will need larger but soft wheels. 

Another big difference is that there are large contact patches on the wheels of the longboard as compared to the skateboard. Also, larger wheels provide more balance and stability but these do not accelerate faster as much as hard and small wheels.

Longboard vs Skateboard: Trucks

Truck refers to the place where wheels are attached to the board. Not to mention that wheels are attached with the base of both skateboard and longboard but their truck looks and operates differently.

Starting with a skateboard, its trucks are stiff and narrow which makes it highly convenient to land during various tricks. The size of the skateboard’s trucks is similar to the width of the deck of the skateboard.

While longboards feature flexible trucks for making sure that rider enjoys a smooth ride. These are an ideal option for the race downhill and long distances. Additionally, the width of longboard trucks ranges from 150 millimeters to 180 millimeters.

Following are the types of trucks depending upon their attachment with the deck:

  1. Drop Mount Trucks: In this mount, trucks are connected with the deck with less leverage as compared to the top mount. But these have greater leverage while compared to the other types of mount like full drop-thru.
  2. Top Mount Trucks: Here trucks are attached on the bottom side of a longboard’s deck. This not only provides more leverage but also offers greater control as the trucks lie right below your feet.
  3. Dropped Deck Trucks: Next up are the dropped deck trucks which have a low center of gravity so best for sliding.


On the bright side, it’s possible to fit the skateboard bearings in the longboard and vice versa. By combining their bearings, you can take advantage of the benefits of both. For instance, skateboard bearings resemble the Bones Red and are well known for their fast acceleration. But the zealous bearings take more time to catch speed but these provide better stability as compare to Bones.

Longboard vs Skateboard: Grinding

It’s not easy to practice grinding stunts as they are risky and requires a lot of effort. That is the reason that it’s only popular with the thrill-seekers like teens who are not afraid of being injured during the process.

The most popular grinding tricks are following:

  • Ollies
  • Aerial
  • Half-pipes
  • Flip tricks
  • Staircase tricks

If you are interested in practicing grinding tricks then the only skateboard will be suitable for you. As they have small in size and light in weight so you can practice such complicated skills while landing with grace and convenience.

But longboard will not be useful for such tricks as their size is larger. So, it will create a hindrance in landing and will make it riskier to practice grinding.

Longboard vs Skateboard: Balance

If you are at the initial stage of learning skating and never experienced it before then start from a longboard. It is because longboards are easy to balance, larger, and will provide you greater stability.

However, if you already know skating and get confident on longboard then now it’s the time to switch on the skateboard. As after practicing skating on the longboard, it will be highly easy for you to learn the tricks on a skateboard.

Longboard vs Skateboard: Tricks Allowed

Note that, both skateboard and longboard have their applications. So if you still having a hard time choosing the one between them then ask yourself these questions. Why do you want to learn skating? Is your goal is to perform massive tricks? Or do you just want to gain maximum speed

with more stability?  If you want to explore more about skating and are interested in performing various tricks then go for the skateboard.

However, if you want to race with friends or thinking about to cruise then pick up a longboard. Keep this in mind, if you are new to skating then it will not be wise to use a skateboard directly. First, learn to maintain the balance on the longboard and then transition to the skateboard.

Skateboard is useful for:

  • Conquer ollies
  • Grind rails
  • Skate mini ramps
  • Master kickflips
  • And for learning other new tricks

A longboard is useful for:

  • Stable riding experience
  • Bombing hills
  • Riding the board on the beach
  • For skating in a busy town
  • Cruising and racing with friends

Longboard or Skateboard: Which is easy to learn?

longboard or skateboard Which is easy to learn?

When it comes to ease of learning, longboards prove to be highly useful for beginners. It’s easy to maintain balance on it thanks to its wide and long size. Other than that, it has soft and big wheels which can better deal with rough roads and small obstacles.

If you have to do skating in a busy town or on an uneven surface then choose longboard. Especially in large cranks, the longboard is very beneficial and you can even ride on tram rails by using them. However, a skateboard is not safe to use on such surfaces as it can be stuck between the cranks. If you are not good at managing your position on the skateboard then even small rocks can create hindrances during skating.

it’s proven that longboards are easy to learn and safer for beginners. if you want to learn how to start, then check out our 10 Essential Longboarding Tips for Beginners!


As well as cruising is concerned, skateboards are useful for this purpose. Because of their lightweight and heavy wheels, you can enjoy having a smooth ride on the plain and even ground. Therefore, you will see a lot of people carrying the grocery by using skateboards.

At the same time, keep in mind that skateboard will require special settings for staying stable on such small rides. The longboards are well-suited for transportation purposes and long rides. Regardless of the type of terrain, these provide you smooth rides because of their smart design and large size.


With that being said, now it’s time to compare the durability of both longboard and skateboard. The longboards last for a longer time as most of the time riders use them merely for cruising. Therefore, only their wheels will be prone to wear & tear and other parts like trucks and boards remain safe. But if you also use your skateboard for downhill then you have to replace the wheels very often. In this scenario, bearings will also be affected because of high RPM so, they will need regular maintenance.

On the other hand, you have to replace the deck of the skateboard very often as these are not, much durable. As decks are more prone to breakage and often become useless because of the impacts, chipped noses, and razor tails. Another unlucky situation is that if you do not land a trick properly then you can break the deck even during the first day of use. Using a skateboard could put extra pressure on your pocket as its shoes also need to be replaced often. But trucks and wheels of the skateboard are capable of lasting for a longer time.

Purpose of the Longboard:

Longboards can be used for various purposes as they come in various sizes and shapes. The most common uses of the longboard are these:

  1. Downhill Racing

Downhill racing is not a popular sport but still, it can help you to get an adrenaline rush. Most of the riders used the longboard for riding down the steep hills but it is extreme support. Therefore, it is better to wear all of the safety gear during downhill racing for preventing severe injuries. These gears include built-in elbow and knee protection, leather suits, and full-face helmets.

2. Transportation

Another important use of longboard is that it helps people in moving from one place to another. There are special electric skateboards that are made in combination with the longboard for this purpose.

Using the longboards while moving to the various parts of campus is very common among students.

3. Cruising

To add more perspective to it, you can also use a longboard for cruising purposes. Same as a surfboard, there is a special type of longboard that utilizes a pintail shape longboard. It is extremely popular for cruising as its trucks are loose which helps in craving smoothly during sharp turns.

4. Freeriding

Freeriding is similar to snowboarding and it is a well-known longboard discipline. During this, riders do sliding and use various other freestyle tricks while moving down from a hill.

Longboard Pros:
  • Faster & lasts for longer time
  • Provides more stability
  • An ideal choice for cruising
  • Beginners can easily learn to balance over it
Longboard Cons
  • Larger in size and bulky
  • Create hindrance in practicing various tricks

Purpose of the Skateboard:

Skateboards which are also called trick boards can be used for various purposes. Their most popular shape is popsicle while skateparks are the most common type of skateboard. Other uses of a skateboard are given below:

1. Cruising and Transportation

Although skateboards are less fast than a longboard and have smaller wheels they are greatly used for transportation purposes. Besides, there are specially made cruiser boards that provide a smooth ride because of their soft wheels and large size.

2. Techsliding

Techsliding is also known as technical sliding and it is a bit similar to freeriding of the longboard. But in Techsliding, riders use a shortboard to perform a variety of spins. It is risky to practice therefore, riders do it after wearing a helmet, leather dress, elbow and knee pads.

3. Bowls, Pools, Pump track

There are also various other users of skateboard-like riders who use it for riding on the pump track, empty pools, and bowls. For such types of obstacles, cruiser boards and popsicle decks are used. Note that longboards cannot be used for riding on bowls and pools because of their large size but they can be used for the pump track.

4. Doing Tricks

The key advantage of using a skateboard is that it helps you in performing various tricks. By using these, you can do perform tricks in various places like on stairs, ledges, flats surfaces, rails, etc.

Symmetrically shaped popsicles are more useful for the tricks as either you can use their tails or nose for performing various tricks. However, such types of skateboards are less durable and wear out faster.

Skateboard Pros:
  • Easy to carry and light in weight
  • Strapped to a backpack
  • Easy to store in overhead bin or locker
  • Can be used to perform a wide range of tricks
Skateboard Cons
  • Less stable and slower than a longboard
  • Not good for beginners


  1. Longboard or skateboard: Which Is Safer?

For beginners, a longboard is more easy and safe to rise as it is easy to balance as compared to the skateboard.

  1. Which one Is the Fast?

Longboards are faster than skateboards because of their specific features. As these have soft and larger wheels which offer more stability and allows to get high speed.

  1. Which is more expensive skateboard or longboard?

As longboards have reliable trucks and are made up of high-quality material so their price ranges from $150-$250. While the skateboards have a price of between $90 to $150 but they are not much durable.


This article was completely about longboard vs skateboard reviews and both of them have their own merits and demerits.

Put simply, a longboard is best for those people who like to dance, bomb the hills, and cruising. The longboards are an easy to learn and safe choice for beginners but these are expensive. While skateboards have comparatively low prices and you can perform various tricks by using them.

Thanks for reading!



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